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In September, the BIC festival, the game related companies are sponsored by

The Busan India Cone Connect Tee Organizing Committee said on the 13th, Busan Independent Top Festival 2021 (BIC Festival 2021) official sponsor.

Official sponsors are now 13 subsidiaries, exhall, pulse, Epic Games, One Store, Nicalis, Dol Bolber Digital, TDG, NCsoft, Mega Jones Cloud, Game Water Management Committee, Hehaha Studios and Unity Korea. The above enterprises support the participation of sponsorship to enable developer works participating in the BIC festival to be introduced to more gamers.

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The BIC Festival 2021, which is held in the on-offline, is held for three days from September 9 to 11th. The pre-selected offline visitor Big Connect Tuss is involved, and it is also a good-ordered Goods using new character zones.

Busan Indie Cone Connect Twee 's Top Tissue Committee said, "I am grateful that many companies are gathering in the Bic Festival to find and foster promising indie game development and indie games." "As a result," As a result of collecting a variety of companies to meet a successful event I will prepare to pay for the power to be a more significant event. "


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